My relationship to Scripting

I started scripting as a kiddo using the visual scripting tools the StarCraft 1 editor had. From there on I got stuck in the WarCraft 3 Editor for years and years to later end up in the StarCraft 2 editor. The reason why I got stuck in these editors was that they provided intuitive tools for me to express my creativity with. During my time at The Game Assembly and internship at Defrost Games I developed my skills in scripting greatly, before this time I did not know any actual scripting language. Today I script a lot of C# both on hobby group projects, game jams and just personal work.

I have worked in Galaxy (StarCraft II, visual), C# (Unity), XML, Kismet (UDK), Unrealscript (UDK), Java and HTML/CSS. I consider myself experienced with C# and an expert in visual Galaxy.

Unity Custom Tools Showreel (2013)

Something I never did before my internship was Editor Tools, simply because I never really had a need for it. However, as I got into a 7,5 months long project I noticed I was missing a lot of tools and functionality in Unity3D and because of this I decided to learn how to write my own tools. Starting out small with simple scripts I ended up writing my own placement tool for Unity to facilitate building the levels for Dead Strains. Below is a video of some of the tools I made.

Scripting Showreel (2013)

All of the following games in this video is created in Unity, I wrote all the code in C# and created all the assets myself.