Legacy Projects


Adventures of Baron Hackenslausch (2013)

Student project, Hack n’ Slash arena for PC. Custom engine.BaronSplash_NoTitle

Mutanic (2013)

Student project, FPS-game for PC where you play a velociraptor on rollerblades. Custom engine.

Atomvinter (2013)

Student project, Cold War era mech RTS game for PC. Custom engine.

Cosmic Bangers (2012)

Student project, 3D-Space Shooter for PC. Custom engine.

Broken Promise (2012)

Student Project, Squad Turn-based Strategy for PC. Custom engine.

Collateral Payback (2012)

Student project, 2D-Shoot’em Up for PC where you play the architype Hollywood badass. Custom engine.

Folklore (2012)

Student project, a classic point and click-adventure nordic troll saga for PC.

Meadowlands Factory Fire (2011)
Student project, a classic murder case Text Adventure for PC.