Spellsworn (2016)

Standalone PC/LINUX

Multi-player Online Battle Arena

Unreal Engine 4

Release Date:


A fast-paced multi-player arena game to be released on PC. The players assume the roles of mighty wizards who are to knock each other out of the arena into the lava, using a vast arsenal of spells. Consider it as a mix between sumo wrestling and wizard duels!

The twist is that the lava crawls ever closer to the center of the arena, making it difficult to position yourself as time goes on. Today we have a near Beta verison of the game in which you can play both FFA and Team-based matches with up to eight players. One match consists of five rounds, during the first round each player buys three spells from a shop and will from there on earn gold to spend on new spells and/or upgrades in between each round.