Radio Tower Rampage (Broforce)


Radio Tower Rampage (2015)


Genre & Platform:
2D Shoot’em Up | PC




This is a level I made for Broforce in my spare time just because I loved the game so much. Difficulty-wise I wanted this level to be medium+ as most of the community-made levels I played was either too easy or super hard. The player starts in the caves to the west and after some climbing she can choose between two main routes; one focusing on climbing up the two radio towers and the other with a more straight-forward layout but with thicker hordes of terrorists in the way. To give the player clear signs on progress I started with a cave biome that progresses into a more industrial feel upon reaching the first tower. Thereafter, I use the slide-wires to gate the player to the next area of the level, creating a natural border for the player to pass. The final tiny island before Satan’s mountain is the last real test with a heavy load of terrorists for the player to take on; unless the player decides to take the vertical route and slide right over it along the last wire!


Something I felt was missing in some of the Broforce levels were replayability and multiple choices in the levels. While I respect that the gameplay by heart is’straight-forward-blow-everything-up’ I think that the multiple routes worked out well.